Footjoy Summer Series Spikeless Review

Footjoy Summer Series Spikeless

Footjoy has been providing superior golf-wear for nearly 150 years. Footjoy has provided golf footwear, in accordance to high performance and durability standards. For 55 of those years they have been the the leader at the PGA Tour in providing exceptional footwear, to some of golfs most elite athletes.

One of Footjoy’s newest creations was the Summer Series Spikeless. The shoe mirrors that of a typical tennis shoe, but still adding the performance of a traditional golf shoe. What many users are enjoying that tends to be rare in a golf shoe is the addition of waterproof fabrics to help while on the turf. Footjoy, being so adamant about this show, warrants that it will be waterproof in normal use for one year.

Footjoy Women's Spikeless Summer Series Golf Shoes

Footjoy Women's Spikeless Summer Series Golf Shoes Available at

Chipshot a Spikeless user states, “I purchased these shoes in black a few weeks ago on sale…they might be the most comfortable FootJoys I’ve ever worn! I was also thrilled to find these shoes in wide width. I liked them so much I bought another pair to put in the closet to have when the ones I’m wearing now wear out! Thank you FootJoy!

The extra-thick polyurethane Fit-bed provides additional cushioned underfoot comfort to keep all golfers going for 18 or more holes a day. This shoe is also a great shoe for those looking for something a little more narrow. LoPro Last gives a full rounded toe with a slightly shallow forefoot and slightly narrow heel so when you follow through in your swing your shoe will follow through nicely without slipping at the heel.

Since this shoe is a Spikeless, your also probably wondering how this actually works on the course. Most importantly the outsole is made of the ever so durable DuraMax rubber, which is a rubber compound that provides added traction without sacrificing performance from the rough to the fairway and the bunker to the green. Don’t be fooled the “spike-like” Pulsar cleats give it a lower ride for that tennis shoe feel.

Without a doubt Footjoy has created a unique product to fit the modern golfer, going from the course to a casual dinner, these Spikeless golf shoes are sure to make a statement even if your swing didn’t make quick the epic turnout you had hoped.

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