HOW long did you say I should be wearing these shoes?

HOW long did you say I should be wearing these shoes?

Shoes take a beating, they are on our feet for a variety of reasons and for thousands of hours a year. The funny part is now shoes are going back to their original roots of becoming something just to cover your foot, so that our feet can do what they are meant to do.

We all purchase shoes and hope to get a lifetime out of them. Sometimes we consider shoes an investment, others a splurge, or a necessity, either way we look at it ALL shoes wear, some more than others some not. How would you feel If I told you if you were wearing your shoes daily that the maximum amount of time spent in your shoes would be 3-6 months. Now I know all of you just laughed and are scoffing at what I just said but lets put it into perspective.

Now how about if I told you your shoes are aging before you buy them?,..I know you laughed some more, but think about it, many shoes are glue together instead of being hand-sewn so while in the warehouse or on the store shelf they are aging much like you and I. So you say, so what? We’ll dig a little deeper, the glue is drying out, the air placed in much of the cushioning technologies are slowly dissipating,..get my drift?

Beyond that fact that your shoes are aging, think about the overall support in the shoe. Body weight should also be taken into consideration. If you are wearing the shoe daily, the more you weigh, the faster your shoes will wear out, and the more you are walking and the longer, the quicker they will wear. There is one tried and true test I put through all of my shoes, (this was after many visits to the doctor and athletic trainers) ; put your hand in your shoe and slide it towards the toe-box. If you can feel the indents of your toes on the top of the insole, they need replacing, now take one more step, take the insole out, if you can feel the indents of your toes in the midsole you need to get rid of that shoe, it is no longer serving is cushioning/supportive service. You can also do this with the outsides of the shoe and at the heel, since we all walk differently we are going to wear in different spots quickly. Quick reminder, changing the insole is not a substitute for replacing a shoe.

Other signs to look for:

  • Sole tread worn down (much like tread on the tires of your car)
  • Heel worn more on one side than the other (changes in center of balance)
  • Wrinkles in the side or bottom of the sole (this means the physical support and cushion system has been exhausted)
  • Uppers broken down around the ankle

Don’t want to replace your shoes every 3-6 months? I have the answer, buy multiple shoes. It’s sounds crazy but if you rotate your shoes with at least another pair you can have both for a year, and if you rotate with more pairs, think of how long you can have these pairs for,.. 2, 3 maybe 4 years!

I’m not saying everyone needs to get the most expensive shoes out there, but if you own several pairs you’d be saving your wallet from future injuries (shin splints, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis), you’ll have added comfort and support, or its as simple as saving time, gas or even money by ordering online and opting for a free-shipping option if available. At first I thought I was being frugal, by having one pair, but then I realized it wasn’t worth the foot problems, I mean most of us are on our feet all day, so if we aren’t supporting our feet, we are doing ourselves an injustice when by rotating pairs we can PREVENT foot issues or having to run to the store so often. Maybe you won’t go out today and buy several pairs of work shoes, maybe you’ll keep wearing your running shoes from your workout to doing errands, but if you think about it, you can help yourself.

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