Lacoste Matsudo Review

Lacoste Men’s Matsudo Review

Founded in 1933 Lacoste has always been considered a luxurious French company most famously known for its tennis shirts. Due to the creation of the green crocodile has Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier created a fine company. The shirts have been considered a status symbol of some of the most prominent and competent sportsmen, doing its greatest to influence clothing options for the most elite. By 2005 nearly 50 million Lacoste products where sold in over 100 countries. Much of its success was due to marketing using some of the worlds most renowned tennis players such as Andy Roddick, Richard Gasquet and Stanislas Wawrinka, along with the incredible management style of Bernard Lacoste, son of Rene Lacoste.

Branding had been a consistent work of Bernard’s, and to the newest heir Michel Lacoste, Bernard’s youngest brother. Many by now notice that the crocodile is the brand for Lacoste which means excellence, craftsmanship, exclusivity and beyond. Moving beyond the tennis shirts was a difficult feat for the company, but now it has added a fine line of footwear to compliment the Lacoste style. To no-ones surprise many of the shoes tend to lend to a more of a casual and conservative style with the Lacoste crocodile of course.

On of our up and coming favorites is the men’s Lacoste Matsudo Sneaker, which is more a casual shoe rather than a full sneaker but non the less a sneaker for the individual looking for sport style. This sneaker is a fine full-grain leather upper in a casual sneaker style with a round toe. One of it’s best feature is the dual velcro instep straps over a mesh and patent leather tongue. On the outside of the shoe is the typical crocodile with Lacoste on the first instep strap just to remind people you are wearing a finely crafted shoe. The inside of the shoe has a padded tongue and collar with a soft fabric lining for all day wear. The out-sole is one of our favorites, its a low-profile rubber driver style out-sole which provides exceptional traction on various surfaces. There are also added perforations throughout the shoe for ventilation.

Lacoste Men's Matsudo Sneaker Available at

Lacoste Men's Matsudo Sneaker Available at

Pete from Los Angeles, California, “Good quality shoes and go well with jeans.

Vladimir from Miami, Florida, “ Well I have always wanted a pair of Lacoste, because I like the look, but was never interested in paying what I felt were exorbitant prices that they always go for. So I jumped at the chance for these at that price. Luckily I liked the look too of course. I did find that they were a little big for the size, but I always slip the old Dr. Scholls inserts in, which these shoes need like most driving shoes, and when I did, the size was perfect. I think I got a really nice looking shoes for a really good price. Very fashionable.

Nick from Hamburg, New York, “ I wore them out of the store and was amazed at how comfortable they were and that I felt like walking barefoot. I ran with them on and really didn’t even know that I was running it was that great. Also it was like I didn’t even feel the ground impact. :) I’m very happy that I bought them I’m going to buy more lol.

Dave from Toledo, Ohio ” When I’m not working, I like to do some “spirited” driving. I wanted a pair of shoes that were designed to do that. These work great. Heel toe shifting into some of my favorite corners has never felt so good. For day to day wear, they are a 10 out of 10. They are extremely comfortable, and it is something I would suggest wearing if you would be doing a lot of walking. These shoes fit the bill, perfect for what I wanted.

Rod from Farmingdale, New York, “Very, very high end and stylish shoe. I would recommend it for anybody that can afford it =P. Not unstable at all, very breathable, comfortable, and stylish. I enjoy wearing this shoe out such as for dinner or casually walking around town.

Lacoste has been providing high-end products for almost 80 years, to a variety of customers. The Lacoste’s have stayed true to their roots in providing a genuine product but for a varied style, making it a premier sneaker. One thing that has changed for the better is that their products are more affordable to those who don’t consider themselves a prominent individual. The price for many of their products versus the quality is truly outstanding, the value of such footwear is fantastic and really a great buy especially for those who take care of their apparel.

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