Saucony Grid Cohesion 5 Running Sneaker Review

Saucony Grid Cohesion 5 Running Sneaker

One of the few standing but Saucony is an American manufacturer of athletic shoes in today’s market, well-known for premium running footwear along with men’s, and women’s apparel. The first factory was founded in 1898 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania on the banks of the Saucony Creek.

Saucony began when it was first bought from Hyde Athletic Industries in the late 1960’s and had moved the company to Cambridge. Hyde Athletic Industries began when then Russian immigrant Abraham Hyde started a shoe company in Cambridge Massachusetts, and was known for brands which include SportBilt, and the popular PF Flyers. By the 1990’s Saucony became Hyde’s main brand, and Hyde Athletic Industries became Saucony. By May of 2012 Wolverine Worldwide the maker of brand such as Merrell had acquired Saucony’s parent company, Collective Brands.

Saucony is not shy to the running scene and prides itself in it’s variety of footwear choices from trail running, cross-country running, racing, and walking. The main basis for their footwear is researching how people conduct these activities and creating footwear designed for various foot-sizes, types of running, arch, pronation, and where the runner is running.

One of the newest updates to a running shoe that Saucony has created it the Grid Cohesion 5, and it is truly a great sneaker. The Grid Cohesion 5 has a breathable mesh upper with it’s typical NRC Strobel Board which increases cushioning and added step-in comfort. The midsole is made for easy wearing as well with a heel grid system, which offers stable cushioning in the heel area. It’s accompanies by and IMEVA midsole which increases shock attenuation, and gives responsive cushioning and durability with a 12mm offset, making this a lasting shoe. Finally the outsole has a XT-600 carbon rubber outsole that stand up to abrasion and traction with an added triangular lug design for traction and cushioning on various terrain.

Saucony Women's Grid Cohesion 5 Running Sneaker Available at

Saucony Women's Grid Cohesion 5 Running Sneaker Available at

I’ve had the opportunity to wear this shoe and by far one of the best options out there. As a little background, I’ve been running about 13 years, I am not a distance runner, my workouts are about speed, stamina, and for the muscles. This shoe is great for a neutral runner who is looking to change it up. I wear two styles, and one of them being the Saucony Grid Cohesion for this reason. The shoe holds up well to the wear that I place on a sneaker, (and yes I replace after 4-6 months, other wise the sneaker is useless and I will hurt my feet). When it comes to wear, I wear them hard, I tend to supinate a little and I only run on my forefoot, this shoe it great for this style of running because wear is a huge issue. The shoe is comfortable, not a huge toe box along with comfortable lacing and is responsive. Shock attenuation is great and legs don’t feel tired or worn after some time along with the great cushioning system it provides. Lastly, this shoe is a great value for the price. When it comes to running, you can’t always look at the sticker, sometimes a shoe that is expensive does a great job, sometimes,..not so much, but this, you can’t go wrong, it’s inexpensive and get the workout done and stands up to durability.

An RN, “I work in the medical field and I’m on my feet for 14-16 hours 3-4 times per week; I also have a heel spur. A good friend recommended these shoes to me. I am so glad that I tried these shoes. After working all day, my feet do not hurt me. These shoes are very comfortable and it seems like the material they are made of will hold up through my long hours of work.”

Another Workout Buff, “ I am loyal to Saucony and have been for a while because of this shoe. The Cohesion is a great deal, is super comfy, roomy in the toe-box, slightly narrower in the heel, and is a delight to run, walk and jog in. Just a great shoe!

Saucony Men's Grid Cohesion 5 Running Sneaker Available at

Saucony Men's Grid Cohesion 5 Running Sneaker Available at

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